Sound Off! Feb 17 2009: Suncal Westland

Sound Off! Feb 17

The SunCal and Westland lobbyists are not bothering to report expenses to the secretary of state within the required 48 hours during a legislative
session. Our state legislature needs to reject the TIDD bailout for this company and its subsidiary. New Mexicans should be first! I note that the stimulus bill contains some $25 billion to replace unpaid school state aid by the states. More of the same I guess, great performances in the athletic arena and at the bottom of tank for reading and math achievement. Keep it up Demos! Don’t give me that rot about children need this and that. Everytime we turn around a tax increase is needed for the kids or a new school bond must be passed for the kids. On and on. Even Nancy Pelosi reassured everyone that the stimulus bill provided for schools. Or is the veil of deception finally being removed Kids are just a ploy to get money that is laundered into other things, especially when a Democrat is in office. Happy Birthday Baby Brianna. Didn’t you Democrats control the Senate Banking Committee Your party was pushing subprime mortgages on the market. You controlled Lehman Brothers, a major player in the selling of mortgage-backed securities and your party raped FNMA like it has for several years. I ask you, who is the insurgency here Don’t even get me started about George Soros. I was actually listening to Rush Limbaugh when he made the statement he hoped President Obama’s march toward socialism failed. Our dishonest liberal news media intentionally distorted his meaning. Mr. Glover, calling people names only shows a lack of class and intelligence. And who, heaven forbid, made you the arbiter of what is good for America I think law enforcement should use lie detector tests on eyewitnesses as a backup tool in their investigations. Some witnesses have an agenda and are not honest people. If they knew they had to take a polygraph, they might withdraw their false accusations. The tests are not admissible in court, but could be a tool for police keeping the results in their files only.
Mike Glover shows us the true colors of the liberal Left. They don’t want “fairness” they want to shut down anybody they disagree with. There goes Amendment 1 …

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