Whole and half marathon for KiKa in Amsterdam!

Explore Amsterdam, run for a great cause.

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is a place of stunning beauty and a top destination for tourists worldwide. Known for its charming canals, picturesque architecture, and vibrant culture, Amsterdam offers a unique experience to visitors. Moreover, the city is hosting the Run for Kika Marathon in October, giving runners the opportunity to explore the city while raising funds for a great cause. Participants in the marathon will have the chance to run through the charming streets of Amsterdam, taking in the stunning scenery while supporting research into childhood cancer. It’s a win-win opportunity to experience the city’s beauty and contribute to a worthy cause.

The Run for Kika Marathon is organizing this event to support childhood cancer research, making it an excellent opportunity for runners to explore Amsterdam while giving back to the community.

Are you running a marathon in the Dutch capital this year? Run on October 15, 2023 a ( half ) domestic marathon for children with cancer.

Walk along the Amstel, under the Rijksmuseum to the Vondelpark and then finish in the Olympic Stadium.

8 kilometers
Is a marathon still too far but do you want to mean something to KiKa? Then go for the 8 kilometers! The start is near the KiKa office and the flat course takes you on a spectacular trip through the historic city.

Register now for € 35.00. Do you pick up € 150.00 or more? Awesome! You will receive a personalized KiKa competition shirt from us.

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