Special Needs Ministry Offers Help During Trying Times 2009: Tough Economic

Special Needs Ministry offers help during trying times

In these tough economic times, little things may make all the difference in the world.
A family might be walking the fine line between getting by and falling behind when life puts an emergency in their path. Suddenly, they’re faced with paying the doctor or the mechanic, even though it means skipping groceries or holding back the mortgage payment. When members of the Special Needs Ministry at Calvary United Pentecostal Church in Addison see struggling families, they help out however they can. Maybe the ministry pays for a prescription, buys a tank of gas, helps pay for groceries – whatever might bridge the financial gap. The ministry runs a food pantry, offers the makings of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, buys Christmas gifts for children in families with financial needs and helps support the Addison Community Switchboard to extend aid into the broader community. Julie Katsion, who is coordinating a Talent Expo to raise money for the ministry, discusses the ministry’s outreach and the coming event. Q. What is your mission A. To fulfill Christ’s calling to help those in need by providing love and food in time of crisis and other assistance as we have provision.
Q. How do you work toward accomplishing that goal

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