Steam Train Hope For Mid Norfolk Railway 2009: 120 Years

Steam train hope for Mid Norfolk Railway

More than 120 years after the first railways brought rail travel to Norfolk a steam renaissance is gripping the county’s longest – and shortest
– preservation railway lines. The Mid Norfolk Railway – one of the longest preserved railways in the UK – could soon have its own steam train as a permanent fixture chugging between Dereham and Wymondham. The line has only ever been able to afford steam trains on loan for short periods. But now 12 of its members have clubbed together to buy a steam train for year-round use on the track alongside the line’s diesel engines. A new limited company has been set up to buy the train and they also hope to create a charity to help restore and then run it on the line. It comes as another recently created preservation line – possibly Norfolk’s shortest at just 1,500ft – is preparing to steam-up at the end of this month. The Whitwell and Reepham Station near Reepham in north Norfolk is set to play host to a steam train from the North Norfolk Railway less than a year after it was bought at auction as a near derelict site – without track. Its new owner, enthusiast Mike Urry, and a band of volunteers have laid more than 1,500ft of line ready for a special event running from February 28 to commemorate the closure of the station 50 years ago. It may seem like boys and their rather large toys, but for both groups it is recreating a slice of history. Vic Ward, leader of the Mid Norfolk Railway steam train bid, also launched last year, said:

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