Steps For Homeless Youth

Help Build a Brighter Future for Vulnerable Young Lives

Youth homelessness is a pressing issue, casting a shadow over the potential and dreams of countless young lives. When young individuals find themselves without stable housing, the impact reverberates far beyond the absence of shelter. It jeopardizes their education, mental well-being, and future prospects. Addressing youth homelessness is not just a societal duty but an investment in unlocking the full potential of our next generation.

In the pursuit of alleviating youth homelessness, the Property Industry Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope. This charity is dedicated to providing stable housing and essential support for vulnerable young individuals. By collaborating with the property and construction industry, the foundation spearheads initiatives that create a positive impact on the lives of homeless youth, offering them a chance for a brighter future.

Continuing their impactful endeavors, the Property Industry Foundation invites you to be part of their upcoming event, Steps For Homeless Youth. This initiative not only raises awareness but also directly contributes to funding housing projects for vulnerable young individuals. Scheduled for [date], the event promises a day filled with purpose and community spirit. Here are the details for a day dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of homeless youth.

Put your best foot forward

A fun walk and run that caters to a range of fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and make a difference.

This event is not just about putting one foot in front of the other; it’s about taking steps toward a brighter future for homeless youth in our community. By joining us, you’re not only participating in a thrilling run or walk, but you’re also contributing to a cause that truly matters. All funds raised go towards our Haven Projects in Victoria, building bedrooms for vulnerable and at-risk young Australians.

Secure your spot in the transformative Steps For Homeless Youth event by registering through the provided link.

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Property Industry Foundation
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Albert Park
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