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Importance of the Girl Child Education

Rusinga Island communities in the current kaleidoscopic society have changed with changes to take girls to school and it is within this rationale context and need that Kaswanga community had established Kaswanga Girls Secondary school to cater for the girls education in the region. For the community had realized the importance of Girl Child Education for education provides social, economic and political empowerment.

Investment in girls has cascade benefits to the families, communities and the entire nation of Kenya as a whole for all benefits. Gender equality and the womens empowerment including Millennium Development Goals cannot be achieved or accomplished unless all concerned adopt a life cycle approach to girl child education as a critical and urgent issue to be addressed and unless we ensure visibility of girls / women, we cannot guarantee womens rights. Most of the students at the school are orphans and vulnerable children from poverty stricken families.

In most African societies including Kenya from time in memorial girls / women education, welfare and status have been immensely compromised by stereotypes prejudices, customs and discriminatory attitudes in favour of boys / men but against girls / women. And these entire disfavor has consequently plunged the girls / women and abyssal of poverty and being vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation.

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