Supporting Children’s Health: Unite4Kids Luncheon 2024 Raises Funds for Illness Relief

Join a supportive community uniting to bring hope and assistance to children battling serious illnesses.

Childhood cancer, a devastating reality for many families, demands urgent attention. Every child battling cancer deserves hope, support, and effective treatment. The toll it takes on young lives and their loved ones is immeasurable. Addressing childhood cancer is essential for brighter futures and healthier communities.

Transitioning from the urgency of addressing childhood cancer, the Childhood Cancer Association stands as a beacon of support for affected families. Providing vital assistance and emotional support, they navigate the challenging journey alongside young patients and their loved ones. Their unwavering commitment ensures that no family faces childhood cancer alone, offering hope and practical assistance in times of need.

Get ready to unite for a cause at the Unite4Kids Luncheon 2024. This event is a heartfelt endeavor to raise funds for charities supporting seriously ill children in South Australia, including the Childhood Cancer Association. Enjoy a delightful 2-course lunch, wines, entertainment, and exciting auctions. Here are the details.

Thursday 13 June, 2024

Reserve your table and join us at the Unite4Kids Gala Luncheon.

Unite4Kids raises money for some amazing charities who support the hundreds of children in South Australia who are seriously unwell, including the Childhood Cancer Association.

Secure your spot now and be part of this meaningful event by registering today!

Charity Organization Name:
Childhood Cancer Association
Event Location:
William Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval | War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide
Event Date and Time:
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