Illuminate the Night: The BRIGHT Walk 2024

Join The BRIGHT Walk on July 6 in Adelaide! Walk 11km on a crisp winter evening, support life-saving research at SAHMRI, and light up the night.

Ready for a radiant adventure? Join The BRIGHT Walk on the evening of July 6 and share an unforgettable experience with family and friends, all while supporting life-saving research at SAHMRI.

Imagine embarking on an epic 11km challenge through the crisp winter evening. Why take on this challenge? To raise crucial funds that will help SAHMRI cure diseases and save lives. This event is not just a walk; it’s a step towards a healthier future.

Take a step towards brighter health outcomes. Register today and join us for The BRIGHT Walk, a night of illumination and inspiration.


Share an unforgettable and illuminating experience with family and friends on the evening of 6 July, while raising funds for life-saving research at SAHMRI.

The BRIGHT Walk is an epic challenge to walk 11km on a crisp winter evening.

Why? To raise funds to help SAHMRI cure disease and save lives.

SAHMRI is South Australia’s not-for-profit health and medical research institute.

It’s home to around 700 researchers, partners, students and support staff, all committed to transforming innovative health and medical research into tangible health benefits for our community.

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