The Great Adventure Challenge 2023

Help bring happiness to sick kids, and join the Great Adventure Challenge.

Traditional office team buildings are often boring and just take place for the sake of crossing it out on the HR’s initiative checklist. Some aren’t even that excited to participate anymore, thanks to the repetitive games and activities that are timeworn and outdated already. Team building is supposed to boost employee collaboration, enhance working relationships, and improve planning skills.

However, modern-day employees now are looking for actual activities that will be fun, innovative, and even more, purposeful. The Great Adventure Challenge is the perfect opportunity to prompt teamwork amongst your colleagues and at the same time lend a hand to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity organization whose mission is to transform the lives of seriously ill and hospitalized children and their families, throughout Australia

In this corporate fundraising Adventure Race, you will not only create better bonds amongst your colleagues, you are also extending a hug and lifeline to children in Australia who are diagnosed with illnesses that changed the scope of their everyday lives.

Are you up for a corporate challenge like no other? Do you want to encourage team work and camaraderie within your organization? Does the idea an adventure race appeal to you? Do you want to help brighten the lives of those less fortunate whilst having a lot of fun?

The Great Adventure Challenge is a corporate fundraising Adventure Race. Teams of eight from different organisations will kayak, run and bike around the course, with a few mystery team challenges included to keep the race interesting. The 2023 location can now be revealed as the stunning Kangaroo Valley.

The event is a direct fundraiser for Starlight Children’s Foundation so you will be raising funds to bring happiness to sick kids like Marley. You can’t ask for more inspiration than that.

Event Details: Saturday 20th May 2023| Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW

Help bring happiness to sick kids, and Join the Great Adventure Challenge.

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Starlight Children’s Foundation
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