The Lonesome Buckwhips

The Lonesome Buckwhips The Loons Banks Peninsula

It’s been an eventful year for The Lonesome Buckwhips &ndash having played the 2008 NZ International Comedy Festival in both
Wellington and Auckland.
They capped off a fine year with a prestigious Billy T Award nomination and are now set to take to the South Island for the CAF Christchurch Cabaret Festival from the 18th &ndash 22nd June.
“The Return of the Lonesome Buckwhips is smart, sharp and viciously funny: the pick of the comedy I’ve seen so far by a country mile. Country being the operative word, as they sing songs of good old fashioned heart break and of ‘grief beyond belief’.“ – Lynn Freeman, Capital Times However, the family band is leaving New Zealand – the last straw was the complete prohibition on the possession or distribution of their 23rd album, The Teensy Weensy Paua Goes in My Poaching Sack.
Dunedin’s finest family band will play Christchurch as part of a final farewell to the country that has taken so much and given them so little over the years. All proceeds will go to a South Island family band of the Buckwhips’ choosing.
This is possibly your last chance to glimpse their unique brand of hilarious country music and onstage bickering before they up sticks.
“The final straw was being nominated for New Zealand’s highest comedy award, a slap in the face for our band as we’ve always taken ourselves extremely seriously” says Arty Buckwhip.
The Lonesome Buckwhips’ Charity Gala will feature a mix of old favourites, new hits and banned material as they reflect on a career spent trying to part you from your money. The Gala features Ben Hutchison, Miriama Ketu, Arthur Meek and Gareth Williams &ndash it’s onstage feuding, political satire and family fun rolled into the catchiest tunes this side of Te Wai Pounamu.
This is part of the second annual Christchurch Cabaret Festival, kicking off June 18 – the only dedicated Cabaret Festival in New Zealand presenting international and national acts in music, song, comedy and satire.
“At last – a group that has proven Kiwi Country music can be sung in a Kiwi voice! Hilarious too. Not that they believe in humour any more. It’s all too painful. The musicality is great and so are the lyrics, which are crystal clear. It’s very idiosyncratic yet totally recognisable fare that deserves to build a cult audience.” – John Smythe,
Show Duration: 60 minutes

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