The Million Dollar Lunch

Savor generosity, embrace hope

Ever wondered about the origin of charity lunches? Did you know that the concept dates back to ancient Rome, where communal meals were organized to support those in need? Fast forward to today, charity lunches have become powerful gatherings, blending culinary delights with a purpose – raising funds to make a positive impact on various social causes.

Unveiling a tradition that echoes ancient generosity, The Million Dollar Lunch by Children’s Cancer Foundation on August 23, 2024, promises a delightful fusion of history and philanthropy. This event, inspired by the ancient roots of communal support, transforms a simple lunch into a powerful force for good. Attendees can anticipate a gathering where gastronomy meets generosity, all contributing to the noble cause of alleviating childhood cancer.

The Million Dollar Lunch 2024

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Friday, 23rd August 2024 – The Palladium at Crown

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Charity Organization Name:
Children's Cancer Foundation
Event Location:
The Palladium at Crown
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