Title Within Grasp Of Mixed Martial Arts Fighter 2009: Lucky He8217ll

Title within grasp of mixed martial arts fighter

The first one is lucky.
He’ll still be conscious when Jon Owens finishes him off. Everybody else suffers a more embarrassing fate. In the world of mixed martial arts, there’s undefeated, and then there’s undefeated the way Owens has done it. Heading into Saturday night’s title fight with Cesar Llamas in the Clash at the Coast II, Owens is 5-0. None of his opponents has made it out of the first round. Four have lost by knockout. All have a first-hand view of Owens’ brutal intensity. “Jon’s on a mission, and I think that’s a key with him,” said mentor and former muay thai world champion Maurice Travis. “His mission is to get you out there as soon as possible, and that’s his strategy. “He can dominate.” Joey Whitt is drawn to fight in Owens’ pro debut in November 2006. It takes 1 minute, 1 second before Owens forces a submission with a triangle choke, locking one of Whitt’s arms and head between his legs. Whit taps out before he passes out. Andy Roberts is next in February 2007. They’re fighting at 155 pounds, a stretch for Owens. Most guys in that weight class walk around at 180 pounds and cut the weight. Owens weighs 160 at his heaviest.
It doesn’t matter. After freeing himself from Roberts’ grasp, he punches him in the face. He does it two more times. It takes 4:30, but Owens takes the fight by TKO

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