Transforming Lives: Join the Joyful Charity Run and Walk 2024

Run for change, walk for hope – transforming lives together.

Addressing mental health challenges is vital in today’s context. One prevalent issue is the stigma surrounding mental health discussions. This pervasive stigma hinders open conversations, preventing individuals from seeking help. By fostering a supportive environment and encouraging dialogue, we can dismantle these barriers. Embracing empathy and understanding is key to dismantling the misconceptions that perpetuate mental health stigma, ultimately fostering a healthier, more compassionate society.

The Joyful Mental Health Foundation, in its noble mission, confronts the stigma attached to mental health with unwavering dedication. Recognizing the hindrance caused by societal misconceptions, the foundation conducts awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and support programs. By amplifying the voices of those affected and sharing authentic narratives, they actively dismantle stereotypes, fostering an inclusive space for open dialogue. Through such endeavors, the Joyful Mental Health Foundation stands as a beacon of understanding, steering us towards a more empathetic and informed society.

In its continuous pursuit of mental health advocacy, the Joyful Mental Health Foundation remains tirelessly committed. As they persistently break down barriers through awareness campaigns and support initiatives, the organization is gearing up for a significant endeavor – the Joyful Charity Run and Walk 2024. This upcoming event not only symbolizes a collective stride towards mental health awareness but also serves as a crucial fundraising opportunity. By participating or supporting, individuals can actively contribute to the foundation’s unwavering mission, making a tangible impact on the journey to destigmatize mental health issues.

Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 is organized by Joyful Mental Health Foundation. It is an extraordinary occasion that carries with it a rich history of compassion and unwavering commitment to make our society a difference. Since 2010, Joyful Charity Run has been a beacon of hope and a driving force in promoting the public awareness towards mental health issues and the transformative power of sports. Meanwhile, it aims at raising funds for mental health education and counselling services provided by Joyful Mental Health Foundation.

​In addition, we welcome families to participate in this charitable event. Through the 3.5K family race, families can enjoy only bonding time, but also enable to teach their children to cultivate perseverance and build up a positive and healthy lifestyle.

​Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 will be held at Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Sai Kung on 24 Feb 2024 (Saturday), 9:00AM(HKT). We encourage all individuals of diverse running backgrounds and aspirations to participate in this charitable event which includes 10km Run and 3.5km Walk.

​​❤️❤️This year, we are pleased to invite Miss Joey Meng, Strawberry Yeung and Mr. Timothy Cheng to be our Joyful Ambassadors.❤️❤️

​Join us at Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 as we honor our past, celebrate the present, and shape our future. Together, we can continue the legacy of generosity.

Register now, empower lives – your stride transforms mental health journeys.

Charity Organization Name:
Joyful Mental Health Foundation
Event Location:
Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
Sai Kung District
Hong Kong S.A.R.
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