Trek2Cure 2023 – Flinders Island

Trekking for Neuroblastoma Awareness

Neuroblastoma is a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer that arises from immature nerve cells called neuroblasts. This devastating disease primarily affects infants and young children, and its origins remain largely unknown. Neuroblastoma manifests as tumors in various parts of the body, most commonly in the adrenal glands above the kidneys or along the spine, chest, abdomen, or pelvis. The condition’s severity can range from localized tumors that respond well to treatment to high-risk cases that are more challenging to combat. Understanding the complexities of neuroblastoma and advancing research efforts are crucial in improving outcomes and providing hope for affected children and their families.

One organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those affected by neuroblastoma is Neuroblastoma Australia. Committed to raising awareness, funding research, and providing support, they play a vital role in driving advancements in treatment options, improving survival rates, and enhancing the quality of life for children battling neuroblastoma and their families.

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey for a worthy cause as Neuroblastoma Australia presents Trek2Cure 2023. This upcoming event invites adventurers and supporters to challenge themselves and trek through breathtaking landscapes, all while raising funds to accelerate research and provide critical support for children fighting neuroblastoma.

Join us for an incredible Trek2Cure 2023, with a 6-day hike that takes in the stunning vistas of beautiful Flinders Island located just off the Tasmanian coast.

Starting on October 30, 2023, you’ll explore this remote and rugged landscape for an amazing cause – research into better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for the aggressive children’s cancer, neuroblastoma.

Step up for a cure. Join Trek2Cure 2023 and make a difference in the fight against neuroblastoma!

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Neuroblastoma Australia
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Flinders Island , Tasmania, 7255
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