Twestival Raises Over 250K And Counting 2009: Mashable Partnered

Twestival Raises Over 250K and Counting

Mashable has partnered with Twestival to promote the world’s largest Twitter fundraising drive.
Here, , the global organizer of Twestival, discusses the results of the fundraiser and next steps. On January 8, 2009, a tweet went out asking other cities to join in hosting a Twestival on February 12th with the aim of bringing local Twitter communities together offline and raising money for our cause charity: water. In less than a month, close to 1,000 volunteers hosted events in over 200 cities around the world. In all, more than 10,000 people attended. The global total is slowly rolling in from city organizers. Although over one third of the Twestivals are still to confirm their totals, we’re thrilled to announce that Twestival has already raised over a quarter of a million dollars ($250K) for charity: water. $83K in Uganda 33 projects, average cost $2,500 8,250 people served $83K in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia 15 projects, average cost $5,500 Average people served per project: 451 So, 6,700 people served $83K in Orissa, India Average cost per project, $12,000 7 water towers with piped water supply to individual households 297 served per project, so 2,079 served Total: 55 water projects. 3 countries. Clean water for just over 17,000 people.
The donations from Twestival will be distributed evenly over three countries Ethiopia, Uganda and India. One of the amazing things about Twestival is how truly global it became. Organizers in developing countries like Bangladesh, Colombia and Zambia knew that raising money for charity: water was an unlikely feat, but they wanted to be a part of this online movement. India was one of the most enthusiastic countries with a handful of cities wanting to host – so it is particularly satisfying to know that Twestival will be able to fund sustainable projects there.

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