Various Volunteer Positions Available In Uganda.

Come restore love to the Ugandan Vulnerable community.

Do you a passion to Volunteer? Various Medical Volunteer positions available in Uganda

We welcome all Physicians, Nurses, Medical students, Interns and Volunteers for a Medical Mission Trip to Uganda.

This is a great opportunity to donate your skills and time to helping others in need, while gaining hands-on medical experience and learning firsthand about medical care in Uganda. All qualified Professionals will be placed in their respective departments.

All Volunteers/Students and Interns generally will assist/support the doctor/dentists or clinician in the normal routine of medical work e.g. taking vital signs, dressing wounds, taking patients history, counseling patients, providing assurance and moral support to patients, family, disbursing minor drugs tasks like administering shots, drawing blood, holding babies while they are being treated, helping to screen and organize patients, assisting staff with getting medicines/supplies. Mission Available

All the Year Round: You can Join Any Day When you are Available. For Placement feel free to contact us: [email protected]. Or visit our website at

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