Volunteer For Free, Travel To African People

StayAway is a place where thousands of travelers connect with local communities

Volunteering in Africa is a stimulating and provoking experience. Come experience Africa like before, this program enables you to absorb the fascinating African culture whilst sharing your knowledge and skills with the people, our trips will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break or career break for groups and individual travelers.
Like no other organisation, Its a cost free exchange for accommodation and meals in return for the work you put into the project, Africa is more than worth a visit not just because of its awesome landscapes and its incredible bio-diversity. It is simply moving to see how the people overcome the nightmares of the past and how they fight for a normal, settled life.
Our volunteer projects are based in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. Our projects are children and community orientated and enable volunteers to work with rural villages in building and renovating schools, promoting basic primary education, sports and caring for children in our orphanage.
-Orphanage Program : Work with orphans, help and learn from them Share your experiences by teaching them English and other subjects, play with them and care for them as if they were your own and get to know stories behind your faces. Imagine being their with them, what would you do? Come be part of this wonderful project.
– Teaching Program : Work with rural villages teaching English and Math, provide an education to these schools and children and give them a future. Many of children will want to learn many things from you, you are of course welcome to get to know them. Many many smiles waiting ahead.
– Building/Renovation Programs: Work in rural villages helping to establish and refurbish schools and water wells for these communities. A hands on program where volunteers take part in building and renovation projects in our rural communities where you work along side members of the community where the project is located.. This work can include projects like the construction and refurbishing of schools, water system installation and also renovation work.
Who can take on a Mzungu volunteer program?
Everyone who has spare time and is fit enough to travel to Africa can take a this form of vacation. StayAway is receiving people from all countries and from 17yrs and above. The only conditions are an open mind and tolerance on your side. See the possibilities and see what you can do.
If you want to come with your family, group or friends, no problem. Uganda is easy to travel and children are welcome everywhere. Your children can either acompany their parents while they do their volunteer work or have a program on their own if they are old enough.
For more information Visit http://www.volunteerfree.weebly.com

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