Wales News Make It Snappy To Help Charity 2009: Photographer Dominique

Wales News Make it snappy to help charity

PHOTOGRAPHER Dominique Lyons is in a race against time to raise &pound2,000.
The 27-year-old hopes to travel to Vietnam to photograph a unique motorbike ride. Dominique, a freelance photographer from Arcot Street, Penarth, is hoping to make a pictorial record of Project Pineapple and then have her work exhibited. Project Pineapple was organised to raise awareness worldwide of the ongoing problem of unexploded landmines and cluster bombs, which litter South East Asia. The project involves an “Easy Ride” by motorbike enthusiasts &ndash the riders will carry a pineapple from the starting point in Hanoi, Vietnam, through Laos and Cambodia, ending in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Members of the Minsk Motorcycle clubs from the three Indochina countries will lead the ride but anyone can take part. Dominique said: “Basically, I need to raise more than &pound2,000 by March 14 so I can photograph the motorbike ride in Indochina to help raise awareness of the damaging long term effects that cluster bombs have.
Anyone who would like to help Dominique should call 07746 707 524.

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