Warning Over Goldfish On Tables 2009: Goldfish Centrepieces

Warning over goldfish on tables

An idea to use live goldfish as table centrepieces at an Aberdeen charity fundraising ball has sparked a warning from the Scottish SPCA.
The animal charity said people could face charges and fines if they used live goldfish for events. The Scottish SPCA was approached for advice by an event organiser who had been asked to source live goldfish to be placed in bowls and used on tables. Fish are protected under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. Scottish SPCA chief inspector John Carle said: “Goldfish are living, breathing creatures that have the right to enjoy a suitable living environment. Water quality is essential to the welfare of fish. “We have been alerted to incidents where fish have been used as table decorations at events which have bright lights, loud music and alcohol being served. The welfare of the fish is not even a consideration of those organising or attending the events.
“These fish may look very pretty, but as the night wears on and people become influenced by alcohol that’s when the problems start.”

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