What Is Miramichi Fusion Fest 2009: Miramichi Fusion

What is Miramichi Fusion Fest

Miramichi Fusion Fest is a multi-event festival that focuses on youth engagement and community bonding.
The concept of simultaneous events, coordinated under one purpose allows participants to focus on youth, raising money and relationship building. All of these as an additional benefit to the main goal of raising money for a worthy cause. Who is Miramichi Fusion Fest Miramichi Fusion Fest initially began as a slow-pitch tournament that involved several teams competing in a ball tournament to raise money for a local charity and/or organization. MEMA (Miramichi Evangelical and Ministerial Association) has championed this initiative for the past two years. This year it was recognized that in order to increase revenues to support the Mission Statement, the scope of the initiative required expansion. After several meetings with various stakeholders, the concept of a multi-event festival was considered. Current active participants in the Fusion Fest organizing committee include • MEMA, Rev Ron Ecker • Miramichi Chamber of Commerce, Veronique Arsenault • Miramichi Police Force, Cst Todd Chadwick
• Autism Resource Center, Debby McGregor

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