What They Said Paul Goydos 2009: Paul Goydos

What they said Paul Goydos

PAUL GOYDOS: Yeah, it’s good to come back.
99 percent of last year was very positive. The golf course, I like it here in May, the weather is good, hot, which is good. My game is probably in about the same place it was coming into last year, which isn’t very good. My game tends to show up unannounced, and hopefully it will show up unannounced again this week. Q. You did PTI afterwards, after last year. What were some of the other fun media opportunities you did PAUL GOYDOS: The media is always fun, no matter what event it might be. Off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you how many things I did it was a lot. But compared to winning at Bay Hill or winning at Sony, the notoriety might be five or ten times more and it lasted a lot longer, most notably more with the fans than anything else. I still had, last week, every day probably when I’m on the course walking from a green to a tee or something, somebody said, hey, great playing last year, really enjoyed watching you at The PLAYERS. From a notoriety standpoint it’s almost incomparable the difference between finishing second at that event as opposed to winning at Bay Hill or Sony. PAUL GOYDOS: No. Kenny’s played great. He does this. He did it a few years back where he played great a whole summer. I think he won three or four times. I don’t know what year it was, maybe ’03 or something. Kenny is a great player, and if you’d get yourself into so many opportunities to win, and Kenny has had tons of opportunities to win these last — the last year, that you’re going to — obviously you’re not going to win every time. Kenny’s played great golf, and sometimes, again, when you’re in contention that often we tend to dwell on the fact that you don’t win more, because we have to deal with the Tiger factor when he’s in contention he wins every time, I think probably an unfair comparison to other players. Q. Would you have thought on Wednesday last year that you would be there on Sunday PAUL GOYDOS: No. Again, Thursday was the first time I ever broke 70 on the golf course in 20-odd tries. I thought I had a good week practicing. I thought I had a decent week the week before, so I thought things were perking up, for sure. Again, in ’07, the first year we played in May, the weather was colder than this year. Last year it was much warmer like it’s going to be this year. In ’07 all I remember is hitting driver, 4-iron this year. And this year we’re hitting wedges and 9-irons into the winds into it, getting the warmer south winds. But I thought my game was moving in the right direction, again, just all the good things that could happen in a week happened last year this week.
Q. All the fans and the responses you’ve gotten coming back here, do you expect that it will be a different kind of experience for you out on the course with the fans who are here and a lot of them who weren’t here last year

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