Will Smith Prince’s Trust

Will Smith Hosted a Prince’s Trust Charity Gala On Monday


For the lucky people who attended a Prince’s Trust Charity Gala on Monday they were treated to an intimate lunch with Will Smith.
The charity lunch was followed by the red carpet premiere of Will Smiths new film – The Pursuit of Happyness.
The gala honored young people who have been able to rise up and achieve their goals from difficult circumstances. Will Smith who started out with a rap career in the late 80’s is now an A-List megastar and one of the top 5 most bankable stars in hollywood.
The recipients of the Princes Trust honors were street magician Dynamo, 23, who grew up on a tough Bradford estate and suffered from Crohn’s disease as a child wedding dress designer Chandrika Thomas businesswoman Jo Uddin photographer Anna Kari and music entrepreneurs Paul Everett and James Hicks.

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