Yes We Can Food Drive

Celebrities Back ‘Yes We Can’ Food Drive


Celebrities are backing a ‘Yes We Can’ campaign of a different kind, a charity campaign for a national food drive.
Dr. Phil (pictured), Ellen DeGeneres, Bonnie Hunt, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson and The Doctors are asking audience members to donate canned goods to help re-stock local food banks, like the LA Food Bank and Feeding America.
Welfare and food agencies have been hit where it hurts after the financial crisis, and are struggling to meet the needs of their clients.
Dr Phil spoke about making the campaign appeal, ‘We don’t charge anything to come see our shows, and our audience has shown us that their support is unqualified when we try to make a difference.’
To donate to the ‘Yes We Can’ food drive, just pick up some extra canned goods while out shopping and drop them off to you nearest food agency.

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