2024 Race to the Stones

Race to the Stones 2024: Run for a future where cancer is just a memory.

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, and it’s a term we often hear but may not fully understand. Essentially, cancer is when our body’s cells start to grow and multiply uncontrollably, forming a lump or mass called a tumor. These abnormal cells can spread to other parts of the body, making it a serious and often life-threatening condition.

However, there’s hope in the form of cancer research. Scientists and doctors are working tirelessly to better understand cancer, find ways to detect it earlier, and develop more effective treatments. In this journey, they’re making significant strides, offering patients and their families hope for a brighter, healthier future.

One organization at the forefront of this vital research is Cancer Research UK. They’re dedicated to funding and conducting groundbreaking studies that bring us closer to defeating cancer. By supporting their work, we can all play a part in the fight against this devastating disease.

Now, you have a chance to make a real impact in the battle against cancer by joining Cancer Research UK’s upcoming fundraising event, Race to the Stones 2024. This exciting event not only tests your physical endurance but also fuels the research needed to conquer cancer. By participating or contributing, you become an essential part of this inspiring journey toward a world where cancer is no longer a threat.

Take on the Race to the Stones 2024
Date: Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 July 2024
Location: Lewknor, Oxon, OX49 5RR to Rutland Farm, Avebury, SN8 1RH
Distance: 100km / 50km

Whether you already have your own place or you’d like a charity place, join Team Cancer Research UK in 2024 for the Race to the Stones and play your part in supporting vital cancer research.

Join us in this remarkable journey and sign up today for Race to the Stones 2024, because together, we can make a world without cancer a reality.

Charity Organization Name:
Cancer Research UK
Event Location:
Lewknor, Oxon, OX49 5RR
United Kingdom
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