Celebrate with the British Forces Foundation at Their 25th Anniversary Ball

Join the British Forces Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Ball and support our troops with an evening of spectacular entertainment and dining at The Old War Office.

Did you know that entertainment and morale-boosting events can significantly enhance the well-being of military personnel? Such initiatives not only uplift the spirits of the troops but also fortify their resilience in challenging environments. The British Forces Foundation (BFF) has been at the forefront of this effort for 25 years, dedicating its mission to support the brave men and women of the British Armed Forces through engaging and motivational events.

To celebrate a quarter-century of remarkable service, the BFF is hosting a spectacular 25th Anniversary Ball. The fundraising gala will be held at the prestigious Old War Office, Raffles Hotel in London, on Thursday, November 14th, 2024. It offers a perfect opportunity for attendees to show their support and gratitude for the British Armed Forces, acknowledging their dedication and the sacrifices they make.

A spectacular 25th Anniversary Ball has been planned to mark this very special milestone in The British Forces Foundation’s history.

The event promises to offer breathtaking entertainment and exquisite dining amongst the historic surroundings of The Old War Office, Whitehall. Under the creative direction of internationally acclaimed Interior Designer and BFF Trustee, Katharine Pooley, the 25th Anniversary Ball is set to be spectacular.

It is being held at the Old War Office, Raffles Hotel (London) on Thursday November 14th 2024. The fundraising event is the perfect opportunity to show your support for the brave men and women of the British Armed Forces – to thank them for their hard work and professionalism, and recognise the sacrifices they are willing to make.

All money raised by the BFF Ball will help pay for the Charity’s morale-boosting shows for our troops on deployment all over the world, as well as their families back home.

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