Move for mental health, make change.

Mental health problems have become a silent epidemic in the UK, affecting millions of individuals and families across the country. Behind closed doors, people struggle with anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health conditions that can have a devastating impact on their lives. Suicide rates have reached alarming levels, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation, with many more people experiencing stress, trauma, and isolation. Despite increased awareness and public discourse around mental health, there remains a significant stigma attached to seeking help, leaving many to suffer in silence. The need for urgent action to address this crisis cannot be overstated.

In response to this pressing issue, Mental Health UK has been working tirelessly to support those affected by mental health problems in the UK. Through their various initiatives and programs, they are making a positive impact on individuals and communities, raising awareness, and breaking down barriers to mental health care.

To continue their important work, Mental Health UK relies heavily on donations and fundraising efforts. This year, they have organized several events to raise funds, including the 50k challenge, a virtual challenge to encourage people to stay active and support mental health awareness and support in the UK.

Join #TeamMHUK, conquer 50k and start your summer with a challenge. This trek was £85 and is now just £30 to register! Sign up today!

Following an overnight stay on 29 September, an early start and a hearty breakfast the next day will put us in good stead for the 7-9 hours of trekking ahead. We will take in some beautiful coastal scenery and also venture inland in sections where the landscape serves up vast Iron Age hill forts, chalk figures, fairy-tale castles and incredible stately homes. This epic challenge will finish when we reach the seaside town of Weymouth with its sandy shores dotted with colourful beach huts and backed by Georgian houses.

Join us in supporting mental health – register for the 50k challenge today! Register here.

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