A1GP Construction Milestone 2009: Nine Weeks

A1GP construction milestone

Nine weeks to go before the first race of Season Five of A1GP World Cup of Motorsport.
The first construction milestone was reached in Australia ahead of the SuperGP on the streets of Surfers Paradise, 22-25 October. The first steps in the construction for the this October’s event have been completed this week with the positioning of the first pedestrian bridge near Tedder Avenue. SuperGP General Manager Greg Hooton and Event Director David Bennett were joined on the Gold Coast Highway today by reigning TW Steel Miss SuperGP Mareika van den Berg in celebration of this milestone, and also unveiled the plans for the new pit facility which will be in place for this year’s event. Hooton said he was pleased to be able to celebrate the beginning of construction and show the new plans, with business as usual for Australia’s Premier Motorsport event. “Already construction is surging ahead, and as the days count down to this year’s SuperGP I am sure everyone will see that it is business as usual for our four-day, four-night festival on the streets of Surfers Paradise. The SuperGP street circuit is considered by many as one of the top three street circuits in the world.
“It is a significant achievement to convert a thriving and bustling commercial and recreational district into a motor racing circuit, able to facilitate more than 250,000 people and high-speed motor racing action,” said Bennett.

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