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Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba’s Charity Education Plans


Angelina Jolie’s charity work has come to fruition in Afghanistan, while Jessica Alba recently returned from a trip to South Africa inspired to do more about education.

A school, funded through a $75 000 donation by Jolie, is about to open in Tangi, Afghanistan.
Unfortunately Jolie could not be there for the opening because of filming.
Jessica Alba has also been inspired, by her trip to South Africa, to provide education for children.
The actress says, ‘Ive had an incredible visit to South Africa, listening and learning about the fight for education for all and sharing in the worlds excitement about the upcoming World Cup. Education beats poverty, but today, 72 million children are out of school around the world.’
Both Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have already put in a great deal of effort to highlight the issues of poverty and education for children in under resourced countries.

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