Annie Lennox Visits Malawi For A Cause

Annie Lennox showed her support to Malawi when she visited the country this January

Charitable Singer Annie Lennox joined world leaders and special delegation of members of the Aspen Institutes Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health (GLCRH) meeting on reproductive rights and family planning funding in Malawi this January.

675 out of 10,000 women die in childbirth or from any pregnancy related problem in Malawi. One out of four women in Malawi still cannot obtain contraception, a problem which contributes to the high maternal mortality rate. Lennoxs purpose of supporting Malawi is to help demand a dramatic increase in donor support for family planning services.

Lennox said in her blog As I travelled through parts of the rural countryside, it was obvious to me that many of the numbers of young women I saw with babies on their backs were still (pretty much) girlsat a guess Id say, roughly 15 or 16 years old.

Noticing a little girl of about six or seven years old carrying her infant brother on her back, I couldnt help but wonder what her future would hold

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