BBQ Fundraiser For Cancer 2009: Turnout Ribfest

BBQ Fundraiser For Cancer

Turnout for Ribfest has been great, which was great news for those runnign a tasty fundraiser today as well.
The Que for Kids Celebrity BBQ Cook-off and Auction was held Saturday during Ribfest. The event featured some local celebrities and chef’s competing to raise money to help cure kids cancer. The event also featured a charity action of a number of grills. The event was put on by Nyberg’s Ace here in town and Marin Huber says it was a lot of fun. She said, “We know it stay’s locally here in town. It goes to cure kids cancer for Sanford Hospital. Many sick kids in our area, and we just love helping them out and raising as much money as we can. And it’s great that the local celebrities around town are able to join force and have a great time and raise money so we’re just really happy to be part of this organization.”
The event raised about $2800.

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