Billy Ripken Starting To Find Zone On MLB Network 2009: Billy Ripken

Billy Ripken starting to find zone on MLB Network

Billy Ripken, following in the styles of Joe Garagiola and Bob Uecker, has brought personality to MLB Network.
There’s something different about . This is apparent every Monday and Tuesday, when he opens his mouth on MLB Network. The first piece of evidence came back in March, or maybe it was February. A panel was debating who had the greatest rookie season in baseball history. Some of the usual suspects were mentioned until Ripken piped up. Then, Ripken ticked off the numbers Redus put up that season. “Sixty-eight games. .462 batting average. 17 home runs. 62 RBI. 100 runs scored. 42 stolen bases.” Ripken was cooking up the unexpected, rolling his eyes, having fun beating the drum – and bushes – for Redus, who wound up playing in the majors for 13 seasons (he was Ripken’s teammate in for two of them). Yeah, there’s something different about Billy Ripken. Think about it. He finished his 12-year playing career (four different teams) in 1998. Since that time, the extent of his TV experience was working two game telecasts five years ago and three O’s pre- and postgame shows last year. Now, two nights a week, Ripken, also a Sirius/XM baseball yakker, is shattering the myth about a former player needing heavy broadcast experience before he can light up a television screen.
A couple of years ago, , the suit in charge of MLBN, saw Ripken introduce his brother, Cal, at a charity event and, according to Billy, watched some premium shtick. Those thinking conventionally, or prone to being brainwashed, think Pettiti’s best MLBN move was shelling out major cash to corral Bob Costas.

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