Bono Praises Japan World Aids Day

Bono Has Praised Japan’s Aids Policy Ahead of World Aids Day

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was given a pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses by U2 frontman and charity campaigner Bono – part of the Red range which raises money for Aids.

The U2 frontman said: “The world doesn’t really understand that Japan in the 90s led the world not just as a percentage contribution to the world’s poor but as the volume contribution.
“The world doesn’t understand that Japan has had a lot of success in its aid and assistance in Southeast Asia in particular, and that there’s a lot we can learn from Japan in applying this to the rest of the developing world.”
He said: “I’ve always seen George Bush looking at my sunglasses but he never put them on. The last pope put them on, and Prime Minister Abe, it’s very cool.”

In 200- Japan proposed a global fund which provided hundreds of thousands of Aids patients with life-saving drugs.
Bono said: “I told the prime minister that this is one of the greatest ideas of the 20th century.”

Meanwhile in other parts of the world New Zealand Celebrities front for World Aids Day and Encore will give a charity concert for World Aids Day.

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