Tony Blair Alexander Rose Day

Tony Blair supports Alexander Rose Day

Tony Blair bought a rose fromcharity collectors Charlotte and Deborah, outside 10 Downing St to support Alexander Rose Day.
Both the soon to step down British Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, David Cameron, came out in support of the charity day, which was officially held on June 20.
Alexandra Rose Day was first held in 1912 when Queen Alexandra started national Flag Day, marking the fiftieth anniversary of her arrival in the UK. Thousands of volunteers sold roses in London to benefit hospitals and other charitable organisations. That first 1912 Rose Day raised 32 000, which was a great achievement.
Today the Alexandra Rose Day tradition continues, raising money to work with people-caring UK charities and community organisations like Wednesday’s Child and the Evelina Childrens Heart Organisation.
Alexandra Rose Day does this by providing simple, risk free methods of raising funds from the general public. Alexandra Rose Day also benefits from the active support of HRH Princess Alexandra.
Prime Minister Tony Blair, who supported the Alexandra Rose Day charity, official steps down from his Prime Ministerial position on June 27.

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