George Lucas Charity Race

George Lucas scare in Toyota Pro/Celebrity Charity Race


George Lucas was chauffeured away in an ambulance after having a scare tap collision with another racer in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Charity Race on Saturday 14 April.
Looking a little like one of his sci-fi, Star Wars movie characters in a nifty little red and white whole-body jumpsuit, director Lucas waved to the crowd before hardly even hobbling into an ambulance.
Race officials were concerned and acted quickly, red flagging the race during the eighth lap when George Lucas and Annamarie Dean had a little bumper car bender on the first turn of the Grand Prix street course.
The two race crashers came up smiling but obviously didn’t place, coming in 15th and 16th.
BMX champ, Dave Mirra, took out the victory, with tennis great Martina Navratilova chasing second and, on his third race attempt, The Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow ironically took out third place.
As well as George Lucas, race competitors included CSI’s Emily Procter and Cold Case’s Kathryn Morris.
The Toyota Pro/Celebrity Charity Race was held to raise more than $100 000 for Racing For Kids, a charity organization focusing on promoting and funding promoting children’s health care.

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