Splash into Fun: Bubble Run at Avery Hill Park 2024

Join us for a sudsy spectacle this July at Avery Hill Park, Eltham! Run, jog, walk, or dance through bubbles up to four feet high in this family-friendly Bubble Run. Register today!

Ready for a sudsy spectacle this July? Grab your friends and family and join us at Avery Hill Park, Eltham, for a fun run like no other. Hosted by Demelza, this event is more than just a run—it’s a chance to support a wonderful cause while having the time of your life. Can you imagine bursting through a rainbow of bubbles up to four feet high?

This event is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Do you prefer to run, jog, walk, dance, or toddle? However you like to move, our family-friendly course welcomes everyone. Picture yourself surrounded by vibrant bubbles, creating unforgettable memories. The organizers describe the bubbly adventure:

Join us for a sudsy spectacle in July with your friends and family! Burst through a rainbow of bubbles up to four feet high in this frothy fun run at Avery Hill Park, Eltham.

Every course is family-friendly and you can run, jog, walk, dance or toddle your way through the route!

The route will be approximately two 2.5km loops, meaning you get covered in bubbles a fantastic eight times! If 5k is too far, don’t worry, you can peel off after one loop.

By joining this Bubble Run, you are directly supporting Demelza’s mission to provide vital care and support to these families.

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