Care Sector Fundraising Ball 2024

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Social care is all about helping people live their lives with dignity and support, especially when facing challenges due to age, illness, or disability. It encompasses a range of services, from assisting with daily tasks to providing emotional well-being. Recognizing the significance of robust social care is crucial for ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive the assistance they need, fostering a compassionate society where everyone, irrespective of their circumstances, can lead fulfilling lives with the necessary care and support.

Amid the critical landscape of social care, organizations like CareTech Foundation emerge as beacons of positive change. The CareTech Foundation actively engages in noble initiatives, spanning from promoting mental health awareness to supporting innovative solutions in social care, showcasing a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of vulnerable individuals and enhancing the quality of life for those requiring assistance.

Looking ahead, CareTech Foundation directs its focus towards a pivotal event—their Fundraising Ball scheduled for September 28, 2024. This elegant affair serves as a catalyst for generating crucial resources to bolster their mission of advancing social care initiatives. The Fundraising Ball promises an evening of impact, uniting supporters and stakeholders in a shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals in need.

Are you ready?

The Care Sector Fundraising Ball 2023 was an incredible night! Over 600 guests enjoyed a spectacular evening of entertainment, great food and fundraising. £426,852 was raised by the end of the night to be shared between Alzheimer’s Society and the Care Workers’ Charity.

Planning is already underway for the Care Sector Fundraising Ball 2024 and you can tell us now if you want to be part of the event.

We will be returning to the Grosvenor House Hotel on Saturday 28th September 2024.

Support vulnerable individuals—register now, contribute to transformative social care initiatives.

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Championing Social Care
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Grosvenor House Hotel
United Kingdom
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