Chain of Hope Gala Ball: Mending Little Hearts

Heartbeats unite: Attend Chain of Hope Gala 2023 and mend little hearts worldwide.

Tragically, many children in various parts of the world are losing their lives to heart diseases that could be treated with proper medical intervention. These diseases, which are often congenital or acquired, impose immense suffering on families and communities. The lack of access to timely medical care, equipment, and expertise in some regions leaves these children vulnerable to preventable deaths. By addressing this critical issue, we can save young lives, alleviate the burden on families, and contribute to a world where every child has the chance to grow up healthy and thrive.

In the fight against needless child deaths due to heart diseases, organizations like Chain of Hope play a vital role. They tirelessly work to provide life-saving surgeries, medical training, and resources to children in underserved regions, giving them a chance at a healthier future. By supporting Chain of Hope, you become a crucial part of the effort to bring hope and healing to children facing treatable heart conditions.

Continuing their mission to mend little hearts, Chain of Hope is thrilled to introduce their upcoming fundraising event, the Chain of Hope Gala Ball 2023. This highly anticipated gala not only promises an elegant and memorable evening but also aims to raise essential funds that directly support life-changing surgeries, medical missions, and training programs for children in need. By participating in the Chain of Hope Gala Ball 2023, you actively contribute to saving young lives and providing hope to families across the globe.

Each year the Chain of Hope Gala Ball goes from strength to strength, earning itself a ‘must attend’ reputation within the competitive market of black tie fundraisers. The Ball equals and in many cases surpasses, the success of its charity counterparts thanks to our dedicated Gala Ball Committee and a loyal supporter base.

After a three year break, the Chain of Hope Gala Ball returned in November 2022 sucessfully raising over £1.8 million for children with heart disease in developing and war-torn countries.

The Chain of Hope Gala Ball retuns this year, on Friday 10th November 2023, at the Natural History Musuem, London SW7 5DB.

Join us in making a life-saving impact – secure your spot now and be a part of the Chain of Hope Gala Ball 2023, bringing light to children’s lives.

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Chain of Hope
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Natural History Musuem, London
United Kingdom
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