Chinese Government Blunts Activism Set Off By Quake A Year Ago 2009: Kabul Afghanistans

Chinese government blunts activism set off by quake a year ago

KABUL – Afghanistan’s leading human rights organization said Sunday it was investigating the possibility that white phosphorus was used in a U.S.-Taliban battle that
killed scores of Afghans. WASHINGTON – For eight years he was a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, a vice-president with a tight grin and few words. WHITINSVILLE, Mass., – Twenty years after he met the love of his life, nearly five years after their wedding helped make history, it took a nasty bout of pneumonia for Gary Chalmers to fully appreciate the blessings of marriage. DYESS, Ark. – The swamp land here still tries to reclaim its past, swallowing up concrete foundations reinforced with steel beams and spitting out its buried dead. DHAKA, Bangladesh – After her husband left and monsoon rains washed away her straw hut, Rowshan Ara felt she had no choice but to head to Bangladesh’s teeming capital. PITTSBURGH – The Washington Capitals notified Pittsburgh-area police after a death threat made against Capitals star Alex Ovechkin surfaced on a hockey message board.
CHICAGO – Elizabeth Edwards said rebuilding trust with her husband after his admitted affair was “a slow process,” during an interview aired Thursday on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

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