Colorful Streets: Chelmsford’s Canvas Revival for Art and Community Pride

Unleash artistic vibes! Join for a colorful walk with purpose.

In today’s bustling cities, street art often goes unnoticed, overshadowed by the urban chaos. The vibrant expressions adorning walls struggle for appreciation. Let’s shine a spotlight on this dynamic art form, fostering creativity and community engagement.

Enter Chelmsford City Centre, a driving force behind street art appreciation. This dynamic initiative seeks to transform urban spaces into vibrant canvases, bringing color and creativity to the city’s heart, fostering a renewed sense of cultural identity and community pride.

Embark on a journey with Chelmsford City Centre at the Concrete Canvas charity walk on February 01, 2024. Lace up your shoes and join fellow enthusiasts in supporting the thriving street art scene, making strides towards a more colorful and culturally enriched city.

A Concrete Canvas charity walk will be taking place on Thursday 1 February 2024, which is also ‘Time to Talk’ day.

Come and join us to see the best of street artwork around Chelmsford City Centre! This walk is all about bringing arts, cultural, health and mental wellbeing together.

This gentle walk will start at the Marconi Plaza located next to the Civic Theatre.

Our friendly walk leaders, Health champions, Mental health first aiders and cycle marshals will guide walkers to see the artwork all across the City centre. The walk is approximately 5km and you can download a map of the route.

Empower street artists—register today, be the brush for creativity.

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Chelmsford City Centre
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Chelmsford City Centre
United Kingdom
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