Dinner and Charitable Auction to save Rhinos

Unite for Rhinos: Dinner and Auction

In a world where the majesty of wildlife is under constant threat, few creatures embody strength, resilience, and wonder as profoundly as the magnificent rhinoceros. These majestic herbivores, with their prehistoric lineage and distinctive horned profiles, have roamed the Earth for millions of years. Yet, today, they stand on the brink of extinction, victimized by relentless poaching and habitat loss. Rhinos, guardians of the savannah and the forest, are in urgent need of our protection. As we embark on a noble mission to safeguard their existence, an extraordinary event unfolds, uniting compassionate hearts to raise vital funds and awareness in the fight to secure a future for these iconic giants.

In the face of this critical conservation challenge, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of the Save the Rhino UK organization. With unwavering dedication and expertise, this renowned nonprofit has become a driving force in the global battle to save rhinos from the brink of extinction.

Embodying their commitment to the cause, Save the Rhino is gearing up for a momentous occasion that will leave a lasting impact on rhino conservation. Mark your calendars for November 9th, as Save the Rhino invites you to an extraordinary evening of philanthropy and camaraderie at the prestigious Apothecaries’ Hall, where a captivating Dinner and Charitable Auction will unfold, igniting the spirit of giving and raising crucial funds to protect these endangered giants in the wild.

We invite you to enjoy a three-course meal with wine in the company of Save the Rhino International, a conservation charity dedicated to protecting rhinos in the wild, and Simson Uri-Khob, CEO of Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and winner of the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa.

Join us in safeguarding the future of rhinos by registering now for this transformative charity event!

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Save the Rhino International
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Black Friars Ln, London EC4V 6ER, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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