EB Impact Charity Gala Dinner

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In the tapestry of society, underserved communities often bear the weight of historical disparities. Originating in the early 20th century, redlining, a discriminatory housing practice, systematically marginalized neighborhoods based on race, a legacy that persists in many urban areas today. Despite these challenges, resilience flourishes amidst adversity, as grassroots organizations continually strive to empower and uplift these communities through education and economic initiatives.

The Charity Gala Dinner by EB Impact shimmered with elegance and purpose, drawing attention to the plight of underserved communities. Through a night of glamour and generosity, attendees gathered in support of initiatives combating systemic inequalities, echoing the importance of addressing historical disparities faced by marginalized groups. The event’s success not only raised substantial funds but also amplified the conversation around the pressing need for equitable opportunities and resources for these communities.

EB Impact is hosting its first ever Charity Gala Dinner on 1 February 2024 and we’d like to specially invite you to join us!

The gala, titled ‘Onwards: Sustainability Leadership in a Time of Urgency’, will raise funds to support our efforts to nurture a generation of leaders who can competently take on the challenge of creating positive sustainable development impact within their communities. We are proud to unveil a brand new initiative: The EB Impact Sustainability Scholarship Fund.

We will be hosting EB Impact’s inaugural gala alongside Eco-Business’ well-loved ‘Sustainability Leadership A-List’ awards to recognise individuals across the region and their leadership in effecting positive change across policy, business and society.

We invite you to join us by purchasing seats or tables which are available at $6,000, $8,000 and $10,000, and/or donating to our cause using the link below.

All the net proceeds from the gala, through table sales and auction items, will be used for all our programmes throughout the year.

We are at the halfway mark from the Paris Agreement to reach our targets by 2030. At this crucial juncture, leadership is needed more than ever to accelerate the path towards a thriving, sustainable society. Join us on 1st February for our Charity Gala Dinner, as we champion sustainability leadership and persevere onwards.

Embark on this transformative journey with us by securing your golden ticket to a world of meaningful connections and impactful engagements.

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