Emily’s Ball 2024

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Hospices are compassionate and specialized healthcare facilities that focus on providing comfort and support to individuals facing advanced illness or nearing the end of their lives. These unique establishments prioritize the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of patients, aiming to enhance their quality of life during this sensitive stage. Hospices offer a range of services, including pain and symptom management, emotional counseling for patients and their families, and assistance with end-of-life decision-making. The dedicated teams within hospices consist of experienced healthcare professionals and volunteers who strive to create a peaceful and dignified environment, ensuring that patients receive personalized care and support tailored to their unique needs.

Amidst the diverse range of organizations providing essential care, Martin House Children’s Hospice stands out as a beacon of compassion and support. With its unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children with life-limiting conditions, Martin House has become a sanctuary of comfort and solace for families in need.

As the sun sets on another day of tireless dedication at Martin House Children’s Hospice, anticipation begins to build for the upcoming Emily’s Ball 2024. This prestigious fundraising event not only brings together philanthropists and supporters but also serves as a remarkable opportunity to contribute towards the invaluable services provided by Martin House, ensuring that their vital work continues to touch the lives of countless children and their families.

The eagerly anticipated ‘Emily’s Ball 2024’ will be held at York Racecourse on Saturday January 27th 2024, remaining keen to keep the ball as close to Emily’s birthday as possible (January 30th). Circa 220 guests (depleted by a local COVID outbreak!) attended in 2022, and we are expecting more this time around.

Guests will once again enjoy a welcome drink, quality three course meal, live and silent auctions and top class entertainment in a great venue.

As in previous years, the objective of the ball is to have fun but also to raise as much money as possible for Martin House Children’s Hospice (Registered Charity Number: 517919) who helped look after Emily during her last few days and continue to provide critical care and support to the local community.

The vast majority of the money raised on the night will be via the live auction. We will once again be calling in every favour and contacting every company, sports club and celebrity on the planet for prizes and we hope what we source ourselves will be significant but if you are reading this and you are able to or are interested in sponsoring the evening or donating a prize please let us know via our Contact page.

Martin House is more than happy to verify the event and this can be done by contacting the Fundraising Team on 01937 844569. We also have a Martin House official letter of support which we can present on request.

We will update this page with further details as and when we have them.

Join us in making a difference. Register now for Emily’s Ball 2024 and support Martin House Children’s Hospice!

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Martin House Children's Hospice
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Racecourse Road, Knavesmire Road, York YO23 1EX, UK
United Kingdom
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