Ewan McGregor Charity Auction

Ewan McGregor Moto Guzzi Charity Auction

Ewan McGregor has donated his California Vintage Moto Guzzi to a charity auction raising funds for UNICEF.
The bike has done some hard yards, the UNICEF Ambassador having rode it about 20 000 miles around the world, with friend and fellow UNICEF supporter Charley Boorman, on their Long Way Round 2004 adventure.
McGregor says, ‘It (the bike) was the first and original white one, the only one of its kind, and one of my favorite bikes… I collected this bike from the Moto Guzzi factory in Italy and rode it back to London and I’ve loved riding it ever since. Whoever wins this bike will not be disappointed.’
The charity auction for Ewan McGregor’s Moto Guzzi will end December 7.

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