FEW Bonenkai ‘Sharing The Spirit’

The Annual FEW Bonenkai ‘Sharing the Spirit’ Event Celebrates It’s 25th Anniversary!

The annual FEW Bonenkai ‘Sharing the Spirit’ event is coming soon.
It takes place at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club from 7 pm to 9:45pm on December 13th. This year is the twenty fifth anniversary of the event. Stuff yourself with an amazing turkey dinner, enjoy the live music and have a drink to share your own spirit. Interactive activities are planned.
One of those activities is the gingerbread men decorating corner where you can create your very own gingerbread man.
Prizes awarded for the best ones.
Relax at the aromatherapy center and learn how to reduce stress through aromatherapy. The benefitting therapy will be Shure.
So get out to the FEW Bonenkai ‘Sharing the Spirit’ event and share some spirit with others.

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