Grape Expectations: a City Wine-Tasting event

Sip, save, sail!

Volunteer groups that help save lives at sea embody the spirit of selflessness and bravery, dedicating their time and skills to safeguarding those in peril on the water. Operating in treacherous conditions and unpredictable environments, these extraordinary individuals form a vital lifeline for distressed mariners and coastal communities. Equipped with specialized training and a profound sense of duty, they respond to emergencies with unwavering determination, rescuing stranded sailors, swimmers, and wildlife from the unforgiving forces of the ocean. Their unwavering commitment to preserving life at sea exemplifies the power of collective action and highlights the profound impact of human compassion in times of crisis.

Amidst the challenging and often life-threatening situations at sea, the RNLI Lifeboats charity stands as an unwavering beacon of hope. Comprised of dedicated volunteers and supported by generous donors, RNLI Lifeboats relentlessly strives to ensure that those in distress are met with immediate aid and rescue, exemplifying the epitome of humanitarian efforts at sea.

As the RNLI Lifeboats charity continues their noble mission of saving lives at sea, they are excited to announce their upcoming fundraiser, the “City Wine Tasting” event. Join fellow supporters for an evening of fine wines and delightful company, as together, we raise vital funds to empower these brave volunteers and equip them with the necessary resources to navigate the challenges of the open waters and safeguard lives.

Join us for a fun evening as wine expert and dilettante author Peter Freeman teases your taste buds and challenges you to identify the Good, the Better and the Best…

Tickets £55 each, including wines and bowl food.

Clare Jarvis

Email: [email protected]

Toast to heroism, sip for safety! Join RNLI’s City Wine Tasting, where every pour saves lives at sea!

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RNLI Lifeboats
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Norton Rose Fulbright 3 More London Riverside SE1 2AQ
City of London
United Kingdom
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