Haiti Charity

Haiti Charity Progress Six Months On


Reports, from charity organizations supporting the rebuilding of Haiti, tell of the progress six months on from the disaster.
The media have also reported that the people in Haiti are starving and homeless, and bodies still remain under the rubble and ruins, yet to be cleared.
Celebrities seem to be putting their talents to good use through the storm of reports, actor Sean Penn has been running a refugee camp for 50 000 displaced earthquake survivors, and has plans to keep them safe for the rainy season.
George Clooney also spoke after half of the funds from the Hope for Haiti Now telethon were dispursed, ‘Nearly six months after the devastating earthquake, more than 1.5 million people remain homeless as the rainy season brings flooding and increases the spread of disease throughout the country… We are extremely grateful to all those who donated so generously, and hope we can keep the people of Haiti front and center in the minds of the American publictheir road to a full recovery is a long one.’
Charity organizations including UNICEF USA and Save the Children are also making plans to disperse the funds needed to rebuild Haiti and re-house the people there.

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