Horses, Hounds and Heroes: A Majestic, Memorable Meet-Up

An afternoon of delight for the family, a lifetime of care for rescued horses.

There are more than 300 horse breeds worldwide, with American Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Thoroughbreds being the most popular ones. Before, they were mainly used in warfare, transportation, and agriculture. Nowadays, they’re used for recreational and competitive riding, police work, and even therapy. If well cared for, these beautiful, regal creatures can reach up to 30 years old, sometimes even more. Unfortunately, many don’t get to live long, full lives due to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. This is where the organization, The Horse Trust comes in. A charity in England, it started in 1886 as a “place of retreat and recuperation for London’s over-worked cab horses.” Now, it’s a home for rescued horses, retired military horses, and therapy horses for disabled children.

Caring for one horse is already costly as is, what more dozens of them. Hence on June 30, The Horse Trust will be having their annual fundraising event called Horses, Hounds, and Heroes. An event for the whole family, prepare for an afternoon full of equine performances, live music, delicious food, and fun games. There will also be a petting zoo, a dog show, tractor rides, and even ferret racing! Proceeds from the event will go to ensuring that the horses in The Horse Trust will continue to get the care they deserve.

Join us at The Horse Trust for an unforgettable family experience on Sunday 30th June! Get ready for our annual Horses, Hounds, and Heroes summer fundraising extravaganza! Witness thrilling equine performances in the main arena by the Light Cavalry, Met Police, Horse Rangers, and more. Children can enjoy our petting zoo, live music, games, tractor rides, fire and rescue demonstrations, and a host of exciting activities!

Families can hop on tractor rides, and all visitors are encouraged to bring their furry friends for our dog show! Don’t miss the excitement of ferret racing, and indulge in plenty of delicious food and refreshing drinks!

This thrilling event will take place between 12pm to 5pm at our Home of Rest for Horses in Speen, Buckinghamshire.

William Shakespeare once said, “Through his mane and tail the high wind sings.” Mark your calendars on June 30 for an unforgettable afternoon with these majestic animals. Buy your tickets to Horses, Hounds, and Heroes here now.

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The Horse Trust
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The Horse Trust, Slad Lane, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
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