Hugh Grant Scholarship

Hugh Grant donates scholarship

Hugh Grant has donated an annual scholarship of 12,840 to his former school, Latymer Upper School, inspired by his late mother, Fynvola Grant.
Mr Grant, a graduate of Oxford University, made the decision to set up the scholarship after visiting the school in March this year.
Adding weight to his decision was the fond memory of his mother who had taught children in West London state schools for 30 years but died of pancreatic cancer in 2001.
One local means-tested Latymer pupil will join the school each year, and have their tuition paid to the tune of an annual 12,840.
The first to receive the leg-up Fynvola Grant scholarship, the son of a bus driver from Wembley, absolutely blitzed the Latymer entrance exam.
Talk of whether the already lucky students will get to meet their pseudo maker has not surfaced. But it would be a nice little finishing touch.
Hugh Grant, aside from being busy donating scholarships, has spent a lot of time acting, making his latest appearance on the shelves of your local video shop, in Music and Lyrics, with fellow philanthropist Drew Barrymore.

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