ICAP 16th Annual Charity Day

$16.3 Million Raised on ICAP’s 16th Annual Charity Day


With a little help from a number of celebrity friends worldwide, ICAP’s 16th Annual Charity Day raised $16.3 million for charity.
The amount was well in excess of last year’s $13.7 million, bringing the total raised since 1993 to a massive $79.2 million.
‘To raise over $16 million in one day is an incredible achievement, particularly in the current environment,’ Michael Spencer, ICAP’s CEO said.
Julianne Moore said, ‘I was thrilled to be involved in ICAP’s charity day. They were so generous and so excited to be helping so many. It was really wonderful, in a year where there has been so much economic distress, to be with a group that focused on giving so whole heartedly. Every one of us at the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance was so thankful to be included in their tremendous generosity. Thank you, thank you ICAP!!’
Helping hands on the day also included Anna Kournikova, Meryl Streep and Matt Dillon (all pictured below), as well as Amy Adams and Joe Montana.
The funds from ICAP’s 16th Annual Charity Day will benefit over 100 charities.

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