Kids Hit The Dance Floor For Charities 2009: Visitors Going

Kids hit the dance floor for charities

Visitors going into Tokyo Church of Christ in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, on a Friday afternoon in July were welcomed by three children with painted
faces who proceeded to perform modern dance. They were performing as part of a charity event organized by Dancing 4 Kids, a fundraising organization recently established in Tokyo. Dancing 4 Kids, originally named Dancing 4 Aids Orphans founded by world renowned ballet dancer Lynne Charles in 2007, organizes cultural shows and tries to spread awareness about children in need. “We’re one of many charity organizers,” said Chrissi Theodorakakos, managing director of the organization. “But apart from raising funds and helping orphans, we also try to promote culture, dance and art.” Theodorakakos moved from London to Tokyo about nine years ago. She was a management consultant for General Electric in London, but she said she loves organizing D4K events and hopes to continue doing charitable work.
She said she became a director in 2008 after meeting ballet dancer Charles. “I just happened to meet her (through friends), and I became interested in what she was doing, and decided to create a group to make the activities more formal than before.”

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